AI & VR Research at AnimaVR

Welcome to the research arm of AnimaVR, where we venture into the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR). Our primary focus is to elevate the human-machine dialogue through synergistic integrations of these two transformative technologies. We’re using cutting-edge tools like Unreal Engine and Metahumans to create a more enriched and lifelike interaction within virtual environments.

AI-Assisted Metahuman Interactions

One of our most compelling research initiatives is the use of Metahumans—a next-generation digital human technology—infused with AI capabilities. This allows for realistic facial expressions, natural dialogues, and a wide array of human-like behavior within the VR space. The essence of this research is to study how AI can contribute to creating Metahumans that not only look real but also act and react in a manner indistinguishable from actual human beings.

Unreal Engine’s Role

The Unreal Engine plays a pivotal role in our research, serving as the backbone for creating these immersive environments. Its powerful rendering capabilities, combined with our AI algorithms, enable us to simulate realistic scenarios that pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries in human-machine interaction.

Join Our Journey

We invite researchers, tech enthusiasts, and the intellectually curious to join us in our quest. Your insights and contributions can help shape this frontier, making a significant impact on how society interacts with technology.

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